Al Kags

When the public trusts the police, the war against crime will be won.

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(photo: This week I woke up to a tweet that a person had been robbed of Kshs. 75,000 worth of household items – all that they had. What was interesting to me was that they had chosen not to report the matter to the police, saying, “the thought and process of dealing with the police was not worth the loss.” Other Kenyans on Twitter agreed. Two weeks ago, a lady working for a large non-profit had taken the wrong way of a one way street at 7.30pm. She was…read more

Make the anti-terror bill better and we will support it.

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One cannot envy President Uhuru Kenyatta and the security apparatus that he supervises on our behalf. They have been dealt a very tough hand in the form of terror. In the old days, war and civil conflict was well defined. Armies would meet at designated places, away from the civil population and fight it out. There are in fact well told stories about a time in ancient England and Gaul (France), when battles would adjourn for tea and siesta! Not so today. The battle front that the president and his…read more


Female bodyguards and other random thoughts on #MashujaaDay

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Kenyans today celebrate Mashujaa day – Heroes day – when they remember the heroes who fought for our independence, the heroes who sacrificed a their lives, wellbeing and livelihoods in the service of getting Kenya to the state it is in. Many of us are keenly aware that we still have a lot to get done to improve the lives of our people. But we also know that it could be worse – because it has been worse. There was a time when private thought was legislated by Parliament – it was…read more