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Marketing Ability: The Ability Movement

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A couple of weeks ago, after having listened to Stephanie Mach, I blogged that one of the key things that must be done to reposition how people living with disabilities are perceived, is to simply show their abilities. Today, in a session with Dale Larsen, I had the opportunity to watch a documentary called Right to Risk. (watch it below) The documentary covered a 14-day trip down the Colorado river (rapids and all) at the bottom of the majestic Grand Canyon in Arizona. What was special about this trip is that it was undertaken…read more

Condolences to Juliana Kanyomozi

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I have just learnt with a lot of sadness of the passing of Juliana Kanyomozi’s son from the Fenon Records page and also from the New Vision newspaper’s website. Loosing a child is inexplicably painful for any parent and all parents share her pain. My sincere condolences to Juliana for the loss of Keron. God be with you. Post by Al Kags.

Short Story: How Al lost his virginity

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He expected it to feel like something… well, different. It was his first time, she was sitting next to him laughing that wise, knowing laughter of hers, having just taken his virginity. He expected to be soaring, flying doing something crazy like standing on his head reciting a sonnet. Instead, he was sitting there next to her listening to her talk about freedom and joy in a way that was in itself intoxicating.  She had perspective, this woman. She wore her down-to-earthness like a shawl draped around her bare shoulders…read more