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Female bodyguards and other random thoughts on #MashujaaDay

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Kenyans today celebrate Mashujaa day – Heroes day – when they remember the heroes who fought for our independence, the heroes who sacrificed a their lives, wellbeing and livelihoods in the service of getting Kenya to the state it is in. Many of us are keenly aware that we still have a lot to get done to improve the lives of our people. But we also know that it could be worse – because it has been worse. There was a time when private thought was legislated by Parliament – it was…read more

Rare kudos to government, and a warning: don’t mess this up

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Note: I submitted this article to the Nation last week but it was not acknowledged, so I shall publish it here now. It is somewhat rare to find good news relating to the government on most days. The week before last, I had the enviable fortune of applauding the government on two developments that really got me excited. The first was that I stumbled upon a new public service web site called The web site, as I understand it, is meant to simplify our access to some of those…read more

4 years later we still hold our Constitution: the speech I wish president Kenyatta made today

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Four years ago today, Kenya promulgated a new constitution. This milestone enshrined in law such important ideals as respect for all persons and their rights, equality for everyone regardless of where they live and transparency. For me, it was sad to see that the day passed with no formal notice by the country. I think the president’s advisors failed him. If I was one, I would have strongly advised that the funeral of his uncle, Dr. Magana Njoroge Mungai (Rest in Peace, great sir) was held tomorrow August 28th. Instead today, I would have…read more