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Flow-etry: I need a prayer

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I need a prayer. I. need. A prayer. A prayer for divine consolation, insulation – at least a diversion to rid my brain of these reverberations… See, these reverberations going through my head render me utterly disconsolate with acrid pictures of devilish sphincters, lurid images of legs and arms and rabid eyes, devouring the meat, the blood, the liver into utter despair. Holding myself close I yearn for freedom, a release from this dark, disconsolate space where my brain capsized and my heart despised the other… the other who was different…read more

Finding my fingers

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There was a time. There was a time when I was a poet of some interest. I hang out with creative people who infused me with words to speak and so I went to spoken word events. I read words of people who inspired me with their words, so I wrote some okay poetry. I want to find that long lost drawer in myself and from it remove my poetic fingers. This year you shall see me writing a bit more poetry. I hope it will speak to you or…read more


When the public trusts the police, the war against crime will be won.

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(photo: This week I woke up to a tweet that a person had been robbed of Kshs. 75,000 worth of household items – all that they had. What was interesting to me was that they had chosen not to report the matter to the police, saying, “the thought and process of dealing with the police was not worth the loss.” Other Kenyans on Twitter agreed. Two weeks ago, a lady working for a large non-profit had taken the wrong way of a one way street at 7.30pm. She was…read more