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I trudge alone.

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I trudge alone, Though it doesn’t seem so, From the day I left her house of warmth Amidst tears and fervent protestations I was shoved out into this cold bitter path In which i trudge alone. Onward i am forced Towards the cul-de-sac that i hope That i hope is warm as her house of warmth I cant stop even when i’m weary and laden Laden with these stones that I pick along the path Or that i am given by faceless companions Who trudge alongside even tho in truth…read more


Proposals to build on: How about we crowd-implement mega public projects?

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In my blogpost from two days ago, I made some proposals for a concerted effort to make the northern frontier of Kenya more secure – from Lokichoggio and Sibiloi in the Northwest to Pokot and Marsabit slightly further south to Garissa, Wajir and Mandera. A specific proposal that I made is that we should build a network of roads across the northern frontier connecting them to the rest of the country – and by roads, I mean good quality, wide highways. I think that such development projects are turnkey and…read more

Garissa #147. Proposals to build on.

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147 people lost their lives in Garissa two days ago. I do not feel capable of speaking to that incredible loss. What is there to say, I could reiterate like Boniface Mwangi that Corruption killed them. I could pontificate about the culpability of the government, the apathy of the citizens, the lack of resources. I could go on twitter and share the hashtags and epithets of comfort. But I am all wrung out on this one. 147 people, many of them young. What can I say? Many of their families…read more

Larry Madowo on Digital Migration (Oops!) – a hoi polloi response.

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Larry Madowo has spoken on digital migration and as a Kenyan (who is a big Larry Madowo fan), I am perplexed. For one, I am perplexed at his tone. As a public personality myself (okay, just on social media – and not nearly as big time as Larry), I know that it does not pay to talk down to people – whether they know the meaning of DVBT2 or not. In his blog post, he has chosen to take a condescending approach to explaining his company’s position. I am not…read more

Masaibu: couples at the supermarket – heaven and hell depending on who you ask.

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Have you ever watched couples in the supermarket? The chap usually looks (and feels, I assure you) like he would calmly stroll over to the knife section and stab himself multiple times… he is using his limited intelligence to finds all ways to exercise patience. He is thinking ” we have a list. There is no reason why we should spend 15 minutes an aisle!” She, meanwhile is blissfully unaware, stopping at every product (that is not on the list) , which she examines with the concentration of Einstein, then…read more

7 Jobs that will soon be extinct – and 1 industry that has radically changed.

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There was a time when to make a phone call, you needed to find your way to a building (home, office etc) to find a telephone to call someone who, to recieve your call, needed to be near a phone in another building. In those days, you arranged to meet at a certain place and generally contented yourself to wait for a period of time if that person got late – you had no way of knowing if they got held up or cancelled. In those days, there were actual…read more

Flow-etry: I need a prayer

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I need a prayer. I. need. A prayer. A prayer for divine consolation, insulation – at least a diversion to rid my brain of these reverberations… See, these reverberations going through my head render me utterly disconsolate with acrid pictures of devilish sphincters, lurid images of legs and arms and rabid eyes, devouring the meat, the blood, the liver into utter despair. Holding myself close I yearn for freedom, a release from this dark, disconsolate space where my brain capsized and my heart despised the other… the other who was different…read more