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In recent years, as I have continued to grow older, I have endeavoured to eat healthier consistently. The journey started when I attended a 10 week lifestyle modification course called Eat, Live & Be Well, that is ran by Dr. Dennis Nturibi and the team at Ask-a-Doc (who have been my doctors for at least...

Economists globally (but especially in the west) are increasingly having a debate about a potentially world changing idea, dubbed Universal Basic Incomes. In a nutshell, UBI is touted as one way of providing literally everyone with a no strings attached cash payment every month to enable everyone to have the same opportunity to make something...

Last year, I attended the very successful Africa Open Data Conference and there I said some things that I was later told are unpopular within the Open Data industry - particularly in the civil society. On reflection, I find that I still stand by what I said then. In a nutshell: Motivations...