Al Kags

#OdeToYouth 8: Your 20’s “TurnUp” turns up in your 30’s

1920 1080 Al Kags

At some point when I was in my twenties, I did very many jobs – at one time, I had five jobs: I was working in a small consulting firm business from…

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#OdeToYouth Lesson 5: Forgive your parents and yourself

2500 1811 Al Kags

When I was in my early 20s, I was very angry person. It didn’t take much to get me to fly off the handle and over-react with wild gesticulations and…

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#OdeToYouth – Lesson 3: (Guest blogger) – No success without Sacrifice.

2000 1008 Al Kags

My friend, who writes the #PassionatelyKenyan blog is also an ex-youth like me – she is my age. She is a C-level executive for a large government organisation and I can tell…

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