#OdeToYouth Lesson 5: Forgive your parents and yourself

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When I was in my early 20s, I was very angry person. It didn’t take much to get me to fly off the handle and over-react with wild gesticulations and…

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Photo credit: MightyBoyBrian / / CC BY-NC

#OdeToYouth: Lesson 2 – Learn how to sweep a floor

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My last day of high school was a Thursday. My mother, one of several accomplished hoteliers and caterers in our family, had arranged that I would start apprenticeship at the…

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#OdetoYouth: Lesson 1 – Learn hard, Make a brave choice

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I left Malindi, where I grew up for a major part of my life on January 6th 2000. I knew that moving to the great big city – at a…

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