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I was born to be a writer. To see the world in pure silence, to feel its rhythms and its impulses and to figure out how to express that on paper. On most days, when I am being successful as a writer, I stand in the shadows and watch people as they go about their...

Of blogging and how past practices could be useful in making a happy future.  I have lately been encouraging many members of my staff to start blogging and to make it a habit to demonstrate their growth by simply documenting the lessons they learn through their various experiences - at work, at home and elsewhere.  Many of...

Hello. I am all for gadgets - everyone knows I am crazy about getting the latest of everything. I never thought I might draw the line somewhere but HERE I draw the line. Smart Toilets? No, sir. Suddenly google knows when I take a dump and the quality of it? So that I have an ad...