My son: God is a she. - Al Kags
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My son: God is a she.

My son and I are in the car going to school:

“Daddy, we shouldn’t lie because God and Jesus are up there watching us,” said the prince.

“Is that right?” I replied, curious.

“Yeah. She is watching and will punish you if you lie.”


“Yeah, God.” I think sometimes my son marvels at my inability to follow simple trains of thought. But he is patient with his old dad.

I am thoughtful of this weighty info I am getting. My son goes to a catholic school, so I am inclined to ask:

“In the bible, is God a he or a she?”

“I think a she because when God is drawn in the bible, she has a long blue dress.”

“The Gown?”


“Hm. But don’t priests in church wear gowns too?”

My denseness is starting to annoy him.

“Daddy,” he explains patiently. “You know God created everything – trees, flowers and people, right?”


“It is not boys who create beautiful things and people. Its girls. Like the way I came from mummy’s stomach!”

And then we got to school and he bounded out of the car before I could take that in.



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